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Norm Kent’s jaunt to the park with his labs has turned into a life-changing experience with a University of Miami brain surgeon.

Knocked down while prancing around with his playful pups, Kent suffered a concussion. He was ordered to take a CAT scan to ensure there was no bleeding or swelling on the brain. Instead it revealed a possible cerebral stroke and a small tumor hidden in his brain.

Surgical teams from the University of Miami operated on Kent last Thursday, and he got the news Monday that the tumor was benign, and no further radiation therapy would be required at this time.

“It is an amazing tribute to science and medicine that I spent more time in the hospital five years ago for knee replacement surgery than I did for a lesion on my brain today. What a world we live in,” Kent joked.

Meanwhile, SFGN’s business and publishing operations are being handled by Associate Publisher Jason Parsley and Sales Manager Justin Wyse. Kent’s downtown Fort Lauderdale law office is also open and operating as always, in the hands of Kent’s law partner, Russell Cormican, who can be reached at 954-763-1900.

Kent himself admits he is disappointed his summer vacation plans are now on hold. He had planned a hiatus from his daily radio show. He was just launching a cross country baseball stadium tour in a new conversion van. There will be some downtime with home recovery treatments and therapy ahead instead.

“All of my critics who have been saying for years I have a hole in my head have now been proven right! Life goes on,” Kent said.


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