Norm Kent, the co-founder and publisher of SFGN, has begun receiving weekly chemotherapy treatments at the University of Miami Sylvester Cancer Care Center after being diagnosed with cancer this past week.

Upon sustaining a concussion last June, Kent learned he had suffered a cerebral stroke after undergoing a precautionary CAT scan. Follow-up testing then uncovered a small brain tumor, and other warning signs, which required surgery in July.

Even though the tumor proved to be benign, Kent likely contracted COVID-19 while being treated in the hospital, despite having been fully vaccinated last February. He recovered from the coronavirus after being administered doses of monoclonal antibodies.

Returning to work as SFGN’s publisher and his duties as a criminal defense lawyer this fall, Kent went for follow up PET scans and biopsies to address cancer warning signs found during the testing. They revealed the new diagnosis last week.

Kent, who turned 72 last week, and survived non-Hodgkin's lymphoma 20 years ago, stated, “Your body does not get younger as you get older. You hurt quicker, and you heal slower. You just have to stay calm and deal with it day by day. And with COVID still sharing its lethal force, remain cautious and careful.”

While undergoing chemotherapy, Kent said he may still publish a weekly editorial when up to it. “The doctors have told me today’s chemo is not your ‘grandmother’s chemo’ anymore. It’s smarter and more target-specific. I am going to order the cherry flavored one.”

Associate Publisher Jason Parsley will continue to manage the day-to-day affairs of SFGN's print and online editions with Sales and Marketing Manager Justin Wyse. Kent’s law partner, Russell Cormican, will supervise their law firm, the Criminal Defense Law Center of South Florida, which is noted for its defense of drug cases, protecting the constitutional rights of the LGBTQ community, and its representation of hospitality industry establishments.

"My message to anyone dealing with any illness is to trust the science and medicine while keeping your faith strong and soul optimistic. Every one of us faces something, somewhere and somehow, in our family or with our friends, or our own lives. You never know when, so keep a song in your heart, a smile on your lips, and an ice cream cone with chocolate sprinkles nearby.”

Explaining something “had to give right away,” Kent has however, suspended for now his daily noontime radio show, “Talk of the Town,” on WWNN.

“Let me see how the chemo treatments go for a month or two.” Kent added, “I just hope the doses are not backed up on a ship stuck offshore at sea outside a port in Oakland, with the new refrigerator I ordered from Brand’s Mart in August.”