Since Q Syndicate was founded in 1995, more than 100 LGBT newspapers, magazines, newsletters and Web sites throughout the world have run their columns, puzzles and cartoons.

They have provided gay related content to weekly publications like the Bay Area Reporter, San Diego Lesbian and Gay Times and the Dallas Voice. Now you can add the South Florida Gay to the list. Publisher Norm Kent signed an exclusive contract with them last week.

“SFGN is expanding. We are growing with advertisers and we need to add content each week,” Kent stated. “This week we are at 56 pages, as large as any gay paper in America after only two months of publication.”

Last week, to go along with the Associated Press, SFGN added the nationally distinguished Keen News Service, operated by the former editor in chief of the Washington Blade, Lisa Keen. The owners and operators of Q Syndicates are Jan Stevenson, the CFO, and Susan Horowitz, the company’s president.

Jan Stevenson is a long-time activist, publisher and business owner. For 14 years she has been the co-publisher of Michigan’s LGBT weekly newspaper, Between The Lines. Prior to that she was executive director of the area’s LGBT community center, and served on the board of the National Gay & Lesbian Task Force from 1993 to 1996. Stevenson holds Masters Degrees in both finance and music, graduating with degrees from Yale University and Drexel University.

Born and raised in New York City, Susan Horowitz founded Pride Publishing, Inc., a graphic arts and publishing company. She has been publisher of the New York City Pride Guide, and was the first executive director of the New Festival, New York’s annual gay and lesbian film festival. Susan was actively involved in the New York LGBT community in the 1980s and was the Grand Marshall of its Pride March in 1983.

A third staffer of Q Syndicate is Chris Azzopardi, whose work has been featured in numerous gay/lesbian publications nationwide. He’s also a contributor to Out magazine.

“Q Syndicate adds tremendous diversity to the paper,” Kent said, noting that it provides 14 separate features, including horoscopes, crossword puzzles, editorial cartoons, humor and nationally noted columnists including author and out sportswriter Dan Woog.

A random selection began running in last week’s copy of SFGN, including Paul Berge’s editorial cartoon and a horoscope. More features coming your way will be the lesbian storyline created by Joan Hility in a cartoon entitled ‘Bitter Girl’ as well as an advice column by Steven Petrow, the well known gay author of ‘The Essential Book of Gay Manners and Etiquette.’

In the upcoming weeks, Romeo St. Vincente will also be writing pieces on ‘Inside Hollywood,’ and D’Anne Witkowski will be exposing homophobic politicians and right wing evangelists in her ‘Creep of the Week’ feature.

A cross section ‘Q’ features runs this week in SFGN and says Tommy Forcella, Domain Master, “you can go to and register your comments.