Bogus real estate listing for bar causes a stir

Rumors were flying in the bar scene this week, when a real estate listing on the website appeared with the title “Scandles Bar,” with a photo and address of Scandals Saloon.

Though the bar is in the process of selling it’s old property where The Stable used to reside on Oakland Park Blvd, Scandals Saloon itself is not going anywhere.

SFGN asked owner Ken Kelley about the listing.

“An over zealous realtor by the name of Howard Goldberg took it upon himself to post a listing on (and other web sites) advertising SCANDLES BAR for sale. The guy can't even spell correctly. SCANDLES - Really! I talked with him on the phone and asked what the hell he was doing and his reply was ‘oh I'm just trying to sell the building’. I talked with the owner of our building - Charlie Caico - and he said he did not give this guy permission to list the building for sale. So without permission from myself or Charlie, this very unethical guy posted ads on multiple web sites. I can assure everyone, Scandals Saloon is not for sale. Someday I will sell Scandals (most likely when I'm too old to hold my glass of Absolut and Tonic). That day is not today. Tomorrow either.”

So don’t panic cowboys! There’s plenty of two-stepping to be had!