Are you a villain? A hero? Maybe a little of both? You’ll fit right in at SAVE’s Halloween MasQUEERade Ball.

On Oct. 28, the Penthouse Riverside Wharf becomes the ultimate battleground where heroes and villains face off to see who has the best costumes and the most fun.

Lording over the night will be TP Lords and company, including music by DJs Mike Trotter and Darelectric. Spooky photo booths will lurk everywhere, waiting for you to step inside and capture the moment. Between elaborate costumes, booming beats, and photo ops guests can grab some Halloween spirits because Bacardi is sponsoring the open bar.

Guests will be greeted with a 360-degree view of Miami’s skyline and an outdoor terrace serving up food and drinks. Inside will be the DJs and dance floor.

Before midnight comes the clash of the costumes. Heroes against villains, heroes against heroes, villains against villains, it doesn’t matter. All superpowers must be focused on being the most creative.

SAVE is one of the organizations in South Florida that fights for LGBT rights. They work to promote and defend equality while fighting unrelenting attempts to discriminate against our communities.

“It’s always a weekend that leads up to election day,” SAVE Executive Director Orlando Gonzales said. “This is a chance to emphasize the message of getting out the vote, and undoubtedly see costumes that poke fun or highlight the politics of the last year.”

The Halloween MasQUEERade Ball starts at 8 p.m. in the Penthouse Riverside Wharf located at 125 SW North River Dr. in Miami. For more information on SAVE and the MasQUEERade Ball, visit SAVE.LGBT/Halloween.