SAVE’s Pride Brunch took place at the home of Sissy Shute and Dr. Doug Hornsby in North Bay Village on June 24. 

The recently elected Miami Dade County Commissioner Eileen Higgins from District 5 also came out to support SAVE.  The long time LGBT community ally said, “It’s an honor to be here, I was officially sworn in on Friday so you can actually call me commissioner. Something I never thought I would be in my whole life.  I want to be of service to my community and to my neighbors and what I can tell you, friends, allies, members of SAVE – you trusted me to represent you, and without SAVE I would not be standing here today.”   

A plethora of politicians from both Miami Dade and Broward County came out to support SAVE as well.

Tony Lima, the Executive Director of SAVE said, “I have to say this about the Miami Dolphins and Jason Jenksins, we are very fortunate to be grantees for Football Unites Grant, which means that they have given us funds to be able to for us to continue the groundbreaking prejudice reduction work that we started three years ago in South Florida. We’re so thankful to the Dolphins, so thankful for our partnership, and I must say it’s so special that as of late that Jason has invited me to do a series of media opportunities with him. Thank you for being here.” 

Jason Jenkins, the senior Vice President of communications and community affairs for the Miami Dolphins followed Lima and briefly summarized the intent of Football Unites Grant and how they want to become more involved in the LGBT community in South Florida. 

Jenkins said, “Our goal it to educate south Florida, to make it more united. The Football Unites program that Tony mentioned, our goal is to help fund programs in the community that really benefit and advance social justice. I don’t want to just be here at the table just for us to feel good about ourselves, not a PR thing - we want to impact the community. [Pride] is not just one month of the year, we’re here for the long term.” 

After Jenkins spoke, Dmitry Logunov and Rene Charlarca were invited to stand on stage to accept a token of friendship and support from Lima.  They voiced their appreciation to the LGBT community in Miami for being so sympathetic. 

Logunov and Charlarca were recently victims of a gay bashing at Miami Beach’s Pride earlier this year.  With their assistance the Miami Beach Police department were able to find the four culprits: they are currently being charged for aggravated battery.