The gay dating/hook up app Grindr played an integral role in the investigation into the disappearance and subsequent death of Florida State University student Ryan Uhre, according to a recently released Tallahassee Police Department report.

Uhre was last seen February 2 and reported missing on February 7. Since he was known to go “off the grid” for days at a time his friends did not initially think anything of his disappearance. On February 18 his body was found in an abandoned building. The medical examiner ruled that he died from blunt force trauma to the back of the head and died within minutes of his accidental fall.

During the investigation the report revealed that the police department used information obtained from Grindr to locate Uhre’s last whereabouts as well as to interview the men he spoke to on the app.

Initially Grindr was unresponsive when contacted by authorities.

“At this point there had been no response from Grindr,” the report reads. However that’s not the story Grindr told SFGN.

“As a company, we treat all reports of crime very seriously. We encourage that you reach out to the police as if we are contacted by the authorities about an investigation, we fully cooperate with their requests,” a spokesman for the app told SFGN on Feb. 14.

he investigation report also revealed Uhre to be a partier who used marijuana and cocaine recreationally, and according to one friend it was normal for Uhre to be “heavily intoxicated.” He also traveled to Fort Lauderdale at least once to pick up Viagara and Percoset from his home and take them back to the fraternity.

Unlike initial reports that stated Uhre was closeted, according to his friends, he was open about his sexuality to his fraternity brothers and they were accepting.

Several friends also told investigators they knew Uhre would regularly use Grindr to hook up with guys. In the report a friend also said that Uhre had once attempted suicide in high school after coming out to his parents who did not accept his “lifestyle.”

On February 10police refocused their efforts on getting access to Uhre’s Grindr messages.

“Information from Grindr was obtained through subpoena service. It was determined that his last known whereabouts, according to the GPS feature within the application was in the area of 115 W. College Ave. “The last “hit” was at 10:03 p.m.,” the report reads. “Grindr was able to provide the ID numbers and supporting account information of the last two subjects with whom Uhre had contact using the application.”

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