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The Maltz Jupiter Theatre launched its winter programs on Jan. 17.  It was a sold out performance of the Tony®nominated musical, “Mamma Mia!,” created with the music of world famous pop group, ABBA. 

The show will run through February 10. For tickets and showtimes, call 561-575-2223.

“We saw the demand was there,” said Andrew Kato, Producing Artistic Director/Chief Executive, addressing the audience before the curtain went up. “So we extended the run for a 4thweek and tickets are selling quickly.”

 “It’s a happy production,” Maltz Marketing Director Dana Munson said to us during the opening night champagne reception. “It’s good to have something happy to launch us into the New Year.”

We agreed, and this production proved itself up to the task. The show is under the direction of Mark Martino, director and choreographer, and Elise Kinnon, associate director, co-choreographer and dance captain.  Both of them are well known to Maltz audiences from previous productions. 

“ ‘Mamma Mia!”is a unique musical because everyone knows and loves its popular ABBA songs, but at its heart, it’s a poignant and uplifting story about a young woman in search of family,” said Kato.  “I cannot think of a better team to bring this musical to life on the Maltz Jupiter Theatre’s stage than Mark Martino and Elise Kinnon.”

Echoing Kato’s comments, Martino said,“Beyond its sweet story of the search for family and the amazing ABBA score, I feel that there is one more reason audiences flock to “Mamma Mia!:joy,” he said. 

“With its unabashed and unapologetic sentimentality, an absolute belief in romance and a clear understanding that everything turns out better with a pair of platform shoes and some energetic dancing, “Mamma Mia!”was an instant hit. Just like one of those ABBA songs you can’t get out of your head, joy is infectious and irresistible.” 

Since its West End debut in 1999, the musical has grossed $2 billion worldwide and enchanted over 60 million audience members. It is the seventh longest-running show in West End history, and its 14-year Broadway run made it the ninth longest-running show in Broadway history.

On our drive to the theatre, my husband and I sang snippets of ABBA’s repertoire that provides the score for the musical.  We recalledsuch hits as “Super Trouper,” “Lay All Your Love on Me,” “Dancing Queen” “Knowing Me, Knowing You” “Take a Chance on Me” and more.

We were in awe thinking about the work that author Catherine Johnson had to do to develop a plausible story from thousands of disconnected lines and lyrics. British theater producer Judy Craymer came up with the idea and after much discussion convinced ABBA musicians Benny Andersson, Bjorn Ulvaeus (with some songs with Stig Anderson) that they wanted to do the show.

The plot line is a story about Sophie, (Becca Andrews) a young woman living with her mother, Donna (Mary Mossberg) in Donna’s taverna on a Greek Island.  She’s about to be married and wants to invite her father, whom she’s never met, to give her away. 

To this end, she finds her mother’s diary and learns there were three men in her mother’s life at the time of her conception twenty years ago.  What she didn’t know was the fact that any one of the three could have been her dad and her mother didn’t know for sure.

And now, 20 years later, the mother will be confronted by all three possibilities. You can imagine that several plot lines could arise – and they do.

The cast of 26 triple-threat performers and 8 musicians are supported by an all-star creative team, including scenic designer Paul Tate DePoo III, lighting designer Zach Blane, projection designer Kevan Loney, costume designer Andrea Hood, music director Eric Alsford, wig designer Gerard Kelly, and sound designer Marty Mets.

Oh yes, there’s a special treat at the end of the show. So stay in your seat and enjoy the gift.