Frank Corr, one of the people at the epicenter of the disco revolution, has died.

He began his career as a Dj in the mid-1970s, playing at major clubs including the infamously fabulous Studio 54. Later, he moved to Wilton Manors and continued using his talents, and love of music, to rock the club scene here. Corr produced music mixes for local bars, meaning his musical influence stretches nearly 50 years.

Corr didn’t just move to South Florida — he became an involved member of the community. Since his passing last week, hundreds of friends and fans have taken to Facebook to share a story.

“The news of this wonderful human being, sweet, kind, funny and most importantly a master in his craft passing away hit me close to my heart,” wrote Mark Rivera. “I never got to experience him in his early times of his career but did experience working with him and just knowing how much he not only enjoyed what he did but his support for all of us in the business. He would come visit me at Boom and other places I would be working and support, come over and hug me and give me compliments ... I will never forget his kind words and how he practiced the human gesture of just being kind and supportive. Frank, we will all miss you but never forget you and I know you're up there putting your calming hand on our shoulder telling us it will be ok and keep the music alive.”

Corr continued working well past the time many of us would have retired. Last November, he gave an interview to L.O.V. Legacy Hour and talked about how he wants to be remembered.

“If it’s legal, just keep doing what you love, don’t stop. I’m lucky enough to do what I love.”

Frank Corr was 80 years old.