In 2021, 10 local LGBT people have died. Now we honor their memories.

Robert Neu

South Florida is mourning the loss of a beloved friend and talented stylist. Robert “Bob” Neu died suddenly over the weekend leaving his friends, family, and co-workers stunned. 

Bob was a barber at Dick’s Service Station in Oakland Park and had worked there since it opened in 2016. Owners Chris Santiago and Eric McKnight told SFGN that Neu was a master barber and had a big, loyal following. On their Facebook page they said, “He was the kind of guy who was always there, so much so that we all expected him to always be there. Making each memory we shared with him feel that much more valuable.


Brad Casey


One of the first and influential voices of South Florida’s LGBT community has passed away.

Brad Casey died this week at Holy Cross Hospice after losing his fight with an aggressive liver tumor.

Pat Burnside


Patricia Burnside, a personally loved and professionally respected local business broker, has died. She was 72.

Known to the hospitality industry as the “go-to” person for buying or selling a nightclub, she specialized in marketing properties with hard-to-obtain licenses, including nightclubs, sports bars, restaurants, liquor stores and adult entertainment-related businesses.

Steve Vianest


Steve Vianest, who would have been 65 next month, passed away from COVID-19 this week, only 14 days after being hospitalized for the illness. Despite being vaccinated in March, Vianest’s earlier struggles in life with cancer and leukemia took a greater toll on his body and heart than he could now bear.

Vincent Foster


Vincent Foster, who in 2016 led Log Cabin Republicans of Miami when the group bucked its national parent and endorsed presidential candidate Donald Trump, died Aug. 16 at age 31.

“Vinny was very good. He was a good friend, a good leader, and a good person,” Miami attorney Jihan “Gigi” Soliman posted Aug. 20 on Facebook.

RaeJean Cox


Earl Bunning, known throughout South Florida as Drag Queen extraordinaire RaeJean Cox, passed away. His death was announced on Aug. 25, nearly three weeks after a horrific car crash.

Paul Fasana


Paul Fasana, a man who helped the LGBT community thrive by keeping its history alive, has died. He was 87. 

The Stonewall National Museum & Archives, where he volunteered his time and knowledge for more than 20 years, announced the news, saying he died about a week after going to the hospital for an unspecified illness.

Daniel Gonzalez


Mornings aren’t as bright these days at Stork's Bakery & Coffee House, as the employees and regulars mourn the loss of Daniel Gonzalez.

He passed away March 15 after a five-month battle with lymphoma (lymphatic cancer). Roger, his husband and partner of 19 years was at his side when he passed. He had been off work receiving chemotherapy since October.

Charlie Fredrickson


Wine, birds, stars, church and photographs — lots and lots of photographs.

Charlie Fredrickson was a man of many interests and who wore a lot of hats over the years, but was best known as an ambassador for the LGBT community in Palm Beach County.

Paul Galluccio


He was the best friend to “man’s best friends.” Now animal lovers across South Florida are mourning the loss of Paul Galluccio. He was 83.

Galluccio served as the Board President of The Pet Project, an organization dedicated to helping animals find new homes when their owners can’t take care of them anymore. It was founded in 2002, originally established to assist individuals with HIV. In 2007 they expanded their services to include the terminally ill, the elderly and the disabled.


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