Detour in Progress for Those That “Keep Coming Back”

The Lambda South Clubhouse on East Las Olas Boulevard in Fort Lauderdale was burned badly in a fire on Sunday night. The home of LGBT AA meetings, the group’s largest room, just off the patio, was destroyed. The rest of the facility has suffered significant damage from smoke.  No one is believed to have been injured in the blaze, which occurred sometime after its last meeting on Sunday, typically held at 7 pm.

“We will be giving regular updates to our community on our website (below),” said Rachel G., the Director of Lambda South.

“We will have an alternative location for meetings set up very soon,” she added. “We have so many communities that depend on their meetings at this location but all of the programs have other meeting locations as well. You can look at the intergroup websites for any of these programs to find another time or location.”  The Website Director of SFGN, Dennis Jozefowicz, has promised to post daily updates at to keep people informed of Lambda meeting places.

Meanwhile, Fort Lauderdale Police investigators and Lambda South Officials have been on the scene since Monday, assessing the damage and trying to determine what caused the fire.  “I’ve been hearing that it might have been electrical,” said Steve S.  The fire is rumored to have started near a fuse or electrical box. Fort Lauderdale police would not confirm or deny any theories about the fire, as it is currently being investigated.

Access to the Lambda South meeting house is only engaged from the alley behind East Las Olas Boulevard. The facility is known for its elusive location behind a bakery. Although meeting attendees find that their anonymity is protected by entering from the back, the dark, secluded alley could also give cover for any sort of delinquency or transgression.  .

“I can talk to you openly,” said Rachel G., “because I don’t represent any of the groups.  But since this fire, some of these news outlets have already printed some misinformation about what we do here. We do not offer therapy or anything like that. The meetings are fully self-supporting and independent of Lambda South.”

Typically, “12-Steppers”and others in the recovery community will often avoid giving their last name to the media.  This is to protect their anonymity and privacy.  A television news station recently covered the goings on at Lambda South where they printed full names of their interview subjects and identified them as “recovering alcoholics”.

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