Project No Labels Launches Mental Health initiative

"Dear Self, You Are Worth It" photo Via The Watermark

(WM) Project No Labels officially began its mental health initiative “Dear Self, You Are Worth It” Jan. 6, designed to make mental wellness attainable for all.

The nonprofit’s pilot program is a collaboration with Dr. Katie Schubert, a licensed mental health counselor and board certified sex therapist in Florida. She is also a nationally certified counselor and has worked with private practice clients since 2015 on a myriad of subjects, specializing in sex and gender therapy.

Joining and supervised by Dr. Schubert is Clinical Mental Health Counseling Student Intern Steph Ostrow. Ostrow specializes in LGBT and HIV-related issues, seeking to help people better understand themselves.

“For the past four years, PNL has been involved in different spheres of social issues,” PNL Founder and CEO Claire Elisan says. “People have always felt comfortable to talk to us about the pressing issues around the community.

“One issue that really stuck out to us is mental health care,” she continues. “It seems like people were in need of hope, inspiration and better coping mechanisms. Mental health therapy has been out of reach or out of mind for many who truly needed it. This program is an affordable opportunity for personal growth.”

“This program is incredibly important,” Dr. Schubert says. “Mental health care is expensive and a lot of people don’t have health insurance policies to cover sessions. Our community is suffering from high rates of depression, anxiety and other mental health issues. This is a great opportunity to see an expert and find happiness and peace in your life.”

Each session costs $20 per hour and appointments are first come, first serve. Space is also limited. For more information or to schedule an appointment between now and April 28, call 813-438-3537 or visit PNL’s website.