Pridelines, an LGBT youth services organization in Miami, is looking to raise $100,000 in July to support their continuing programs.

According to their fundraising page they’ve collected over $60,000 so far.  

“These funds are crucial as the current political climate in Florida and throughout the country is actively working to take away the rights, safety and identities of our LGBTQ+ youth and community. The need for safe and affirming spaces, programs and services that support LGBTQ+ people is greater than ever,” the website reads. “Every dollar you donate allows Pridelines to provide life-changing and often life-saving programs and services for countless of South Florida's LGBTQ+ youth and community members.”  

The name of their campaign is Colors of the Rainbow.

“As Miami's LGBTQ+ Community Center, Pridelines provides peer support, health and wellness services, and access to LGBTQ+ competent resources and safe and affirming spaces for LGBTQ+ youth, young adults on the verge of or actively experiencing homelessness, people living with or affected by HIV, and anyone seeking to be in community,” the website reads.

Visit for more information about Pridelines and the campaign.