Pride University at Equality Park began in the fall of 2009 with the goal of becoming a fully functioning adult education program. This program not only provides courses for life-long learners in a gay environment, but brings community members into the GLCC/Pride Center that are looking for more than program services.

Pride U recognizes the importance of communication, and is committed to an environment which stresses open sharing of information and ideas, and values input from all people.

With attention to the student as an individual, Pride U aims to provide all students with a supportive learning environment and offers opportunities for identifying personal needs, setting goals, and developing recreational and aesthetic interests and skills for daily living and leadership.

The next quarter begins the week of April 5th. The course offerings include Beginning Ballroom Dance, Beginning Conversational Spanish, Beginning Mah Jong, Beginning Creative Watercolor and 12 Steps to Personal Success.

According to Paul Hyman, Executive Director of the GLCC/Pride Center, “Pride University is an important step in the development of the Center. We strive to offer more things to more people in the community at large. We will create learning and teaching opportunities where we can all connect.”