There were no resignations, no fireworks and very little drama at the recent Pride South Florida board meeting on July 22, 2014. That follows the recent resignations of four board members this year.

During Tuesday’s meeting, it was recommended that all board members change their phone and email passwords and logins.

The organization is still trying to move past June’s Stonewall Summer Pride event. One meeting attendee described it as a disaster. Pride South Florida is still working to collect money from the event and pay all of its vendors. PSF is still about $6,000 in debt, but that should be corrected soon.

“We’re trying to put together all the pieces from Stonewall that we don’t have at the moment. We’re moving forward. We’re paying the bills as they come in and are verified. We’re moving forward with Pride Fort Lauderdale next spring,” said Rocky Bowell, President of Pride South Florida.

There was a motion during the meeting to expand the board executive committee. There was a concern that the committee coordinators had too much power that led to the group’s current financial crunch. Treasurer Bonnie Maicher explained the inner workings of the board and the role the executive board played. The board voted unanimously not to expand the committee.

Nominations for new board members were accepted. They will also be accepted at the next meeting on August 12. Interested board members must have attended three consecutive board meetings to run for a spot. Final elections for board members are August 26.

Nominees will address the board at that meeting. “We need to know everybody’s plan for this board and everybody’s intentions. We have so much potential, but we keep tripping over our own feet,” Bowell said during the meeting.