Bully. Unethical. Illegal.

These are just three of the words being used against Marc Hansen, the long time co-chair of Pride One of Broward County (better known as Pride South Florida and Pride Fort Lauderdale). Hansen, according to back and forth emails among board members, has in turn resigned.

“First and foremost Marc has broke the law and acted unethical by having meetings recorded without the knowledge and consent of board which constitutes immediate removal from the board,” Secretary of the board Christopher Bailey wrote in an email. “He must be held accountable as we all should. I will pursue these charges regardless of the time frame. I hope that we will do the right thing and continue forward and that Marc will understand that he has acted in ways to harm this organization to the point of acting illegally.”

At the same time, according to the email chain, Hansen was also attempting to take a leave of absence for medical reasons until August.

“I was looking forward to facing Christopher’s trumped up accusations, including the very interesting latest one about me having the meetings recorded, but my health and my Mother must come first,” Hansen wrote.

Bailey though, further accused Hansen of trying to get around the disciplinarian charges by using a leave of absence as a stall tactic.

In the emails Bailey did not mince words in regards to his feelings about Hansen’s behavior.

“These are just once again false claims made by Marc Hansen to be a bully. Any time someone challenges him on his behavior he tries to completely twist what has been said,” Bailey wrote. “I call on the board of directors to remove him from both the executive board and as a board member.”

But before the board acted on anything Hansen abruptly resigned.

“At this time, consider this my formal resignation as Co-Chair of Pride One of Broward County,” Hansen wrote. “This is not for Christopher, but because of him. I would have liked to stay on and continued the growth of the organization, but I cannot condone some of the directions and childish actions that some of the executive and standing board members have taken. With that being said, I desire all of you, and the organization nothing but the best.”

Not all of the board members appeared to be happy with the back and forth exchange, including Co-Chair Rocky Bowell.

“I have received phone calls and not even read the emails and have to say that these conversations should not even be happening with the different disciplinary situation that was going on,” Bowell wrote. “There shall be no further emails out about this at this time.”

While board member Ellsworth Bonia chimed in with “Stop this madness, we all need [to] sit [and] talk like adult[s] and solve the problem instead of blow[ing] up on everyone.”

This isn’t the first time Pride South Florida’s board has erupted into chaos with Hansen being the center of it all. Last year several board members resigned after having a falling out with the now former co-chair.

SFGN Publisher Norm Kent called for Hansen’s resignation last year after he refused to turn over tax documents related to an IRS audit. Despite public pressure those documents have yet to be released to the public.

It remains to be seen on how these latest developments will affect PSF’s upcoming Stonewall Pride Wilton Manors (formerly Stonewall Summer Pride/Stonewall Street Festival and Parade) event June 21. Recently the City of Wilton Manors awarded the annual June event to PSF. 



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