This is the second time in a month Marc Hansen has quit

 For the second time in a month the controversial, often polarizing co-chair of Pride South Florida, Marc Hansen, has resigned from his position.

Last month the PSF board erupted in chaos after secretary Christopher Bailey accused Hansen of acting unethically by secretly recording PSF’s board meetings without their consent. Bailey demanded an investigation and a disciplinary hearing to address the situation. He further accused Hansen of being a bully, and he’s not first board member to do so.

“These are just once again false claims made by Marc Hansen to be a bully. Any time someone challenges him on his behavior he tries to completely twist what has been said,” Bailey wrote in an email. “I call on the board of directors to remove him from both the executive board and as a board member.”

Before an internal disciplinary hearing could take place, though, Hansen abruptly resigned via email, citing Bailey as the cause.  

“At this time, consider this my formal resignation…,” Hansen wrote. “This is not for Christopher, but because of him.”

It’s unclear what subsequently transpired between Hansen and the other board members. What is known, though, is that days later he was still sending emails as co-chair of PSF.  

Hansen has since resigned again for reasons that are unclear. On Monday Co-Chair Rockey Bowell emailed SFGN saying, “as of today Marc Hansen is no longer a Co Chair with Pride South Florida. We received his resignation letter today.”

According to current and former board members Hansen’s quarrelsome behavior long predates this latest incident with Bailey. In fact SFGN found one person from 2007 that still vividly remembers his time with the embattled co-chair.

“It was always his way or the highway,” said Joe Halley, who now lives in Baltimore. “He would throw out his title as president and disvalue other board members’ opinions.”

Halley served with Hansen on the board of the Wilton Manors annual June Pride festival in 2007.

And even then, Hansen wasn’t opposed to trying to throw his weight around.

“He’d strong arm people and get into arguments,” Halley said. “He pushes and pushes. He’s conniving. He’s the last person I’d ever want to work with again.”

Still, despite harsh critique from Halley, that was seven years ago. Has Hansen changed?

Not according to several board members that have served with him over the last two years.

One such person is Roger Handevidt who said that he, along with several others, including Associate Publisher of HotSpots Scott Holland, resigned last year after having a falling out with Hansen. Handevidt said that while they served together Hansen acted like a bully, routinely throwing temper tantrums and has a “my way or the highway” attitude.

“I resigned because I was fed up with his way of doing things like not listening to the people he had,” Handevidt said.

Current advisory board member John Fugate echoes those sentiments.

“We’ve lost a lot of good community leaders in our organization due to Marc Hansen,” he said. “He’s reached a point where he does more harm than good. It’s time for him to leave.”

But Fugate isn’t convinced Hansen’s latest resignation is genuine.

“Every time it gets close to Marc getting punished or removed he finds a way to weasel out of it,” Fugate said. “Board members will quit and then he’ll recruit new board members that are on his side.”

Handevidt, though, did praise Hansen — sort of.

“There are a lot of good things Marc has done. He puts a lot of time into it to make it work. I never questioned that he’s not trying to do it,” he said. Despite the nice words he conceded that, “Everything Marc’s been involved with people have gotten disgusted and left. He has to micromanage and be in control of everything.”

SFGN was not able to speak with Hansen by deadline. SFGN also reached out to the current board of Pride South Florida asking for comments from those who wished to express support for Hansen or defend him. None responded.