Pride Center’s Community Day on Saturday

This Saturday, Oct., 28, The Pride Center celebrates their 7th Annual Community Day event from 11:30 a.m. until 2 p.m.

The free family-friendly event at The Pride Center promises activities for pets, kids, and adults alike as The Pride Center once again brings the community together to celebrate each other, and in the process, have a damn good time.

Pride Center’s Chief Operations Officer Kristofer Fegenbush tells SFGN Community Day is one of arguably one of The Pride Center’s best events, but inarguably, one of the most fun.

“Community Day is at the top of my favorite days at The Pride Center each year. Not to lean into a stereotype, but LGBTQ parents really know how to go over-the-top when it comes to Halloween costumes.” Fegenbush said.

“My favorites are those when the whole family dresses in one theme; I become acutely aware of how much I lack in creativity when I witness the fantastic artistry of our local families. The costume contests for kids and for pets are a blast and have some great prizes. The Pride Center and South Florida Family Pride look forward every year to seeing all those kids and pets in their Halloween finest.”

A huge part of all our communities are the men and women that ensure we can live our everyday lives safely, that’s why, according to Fegenbush, The Pride Center and The Broward Sheriff’s Office teamed up for an event that celebrates the community as a whole.

“This is our seventh year collaborating with Broward Sheriff’s Office and South Florida Family Pride. BSO looks forward to this day to deepen relationships within the LGBTQ communities. They work to educate the community on their resource and build trust and healthy dialogue with families in our community.” Fegenbush told SFGN.

The Pride Center has a reputation of supporting the community as a whole, not just the LGBT crowd. They’ve consistently made efforts to bring together families, regardless of sexual orientation, color, or religion. According to Fegenbush, their Community Day celebration is just another example of The Pride Center wanting to bring together families, regardless of what that family may look like or whoever they love.

“Community Day is all about connection. It’s a day to celebrate your family and welcome them. We all have unique families—given or chosen. For some that include partners or spouses. For some that include kids.” Fegenbush said “For some that include pets. For some, it’s the chosen family of close friends. Whatever your family looks like, you’re welcome here. Whatever your age or relationships status, you’re welcome here.”


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