The Pride Center has announced they are joining forces with a handful of other organizations to help conduct a national research project that’s the main purpose will be to explore how the 2016 election has shaped LGBT individuals' views and civic engagement.

At the heart of the project is an online survey being conducted by The LGBT Giving Project in hopes of gathering specific information from LGBT community members in the hopes of getting enough information to better understand the values, interests and philanthropic engagement of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals.

According to Roger Boo, Chief Executive at The Pride Center, this survey is just the most recent attempt by the organizations involved to better understand what impact the LGBTQ community.

“Over the past two years, The Pride Center has participated in a national research project for Centrelink, the national association for LGBT community centers, and the Equality Federation. The project focused on increasing the LGBT philanthropy to LGBT organizations.” Boo told SFGN.  

“We are now participating in this research in our community on the impact of views, civic engagement and giving to LGBT organizations after the 2016 election results. The survey should only take 15 minutes but will help organizations, such as The Pride Center, better understand how our community is feeling and what they are doing in their respective communities.”

The survey, which you can take here, takes a deep-dive into what views and values are most important to LGBT members, as well as what actions, if any, people have taken since the November vote. According to The Pride Center, all your responses are confidential and anonymous, so don’t worry about being contacted for follow up questions, or getting thousands of emails: Only your time and your answers are needed.

Many of the questions in the survey simply ask participants how certain changes in legislation that directly impacts their lives have impacted their mood, while a much larger portion of the survey asks people where they have donated money and time since Donald Trump took office, if they have at all, and why they chose those causes. The purpose of these questions is an effort to find out who is supporting LGBT-focused organizations in their fundraising and outreach efforts, and which organizations are lacking support.

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