The turkey is done and the pig is rising. Pig Week is underway in South Florida. 

“The men this year are hungry to have a good time,” the Ramrod’s Chad Bush said. “We are the largest event of our kind in the world, and we are so proud to be the place where the pig culture was born.”

Bush organizes the event every year. And while Pig Week did make its post-COVID return last year, this is the first year things are back to normal.

“This year we are 38% over the biggest numbers that we have ever had. There are no more rooms left in town for the week and people are staying in hotels from Miami to Palm Beach to be able to attend the parties.”

Pig Week is highly anticipated by the local and worldwide leather community, but it’s not limited to venues like the Ramrod, Leatherwerks, and Eagle. Businesses and homes throughout the area will host events. Crunch Gym will host pre-pig pump workouts. Gym Bar is hosting Beef Fest, and Ed Lugo Resort will host parties. There will be plenty of play parties during the week, which runs through Sunday.

With more than 70 events during the week, Bush has trouble picking a favorite.

“I always tell folks that it depends on what they are into, and to check the schedule to see what turns them on. Some of my most notorious parties are the Psycho Circus on Nov. 30 when we have sexy circus acts like fire breathing and Diablo, and the Iconic Pig Dance on Dec. 3. Most people will just have to decide for themselves.”

Bush said he gets reservations from people all over the world. Planning an event of this size can be exhausting. Even once the last piggy has gone all the way home, he and his husband won’t be able to relax.

“Normally my husband and I take some time off after Pig Week. But now that we have Ramrod under our wing, it is difficult to find time to get away during season, but we will take some time off in spring of next year.”

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