Photographer Steven Shires Exposes himself

Steven Shires. Photo by Denise Royal.

Steven Shires views the world from a unique lens. And it shows in all of his photographs. 

Shires specializes in event and corporate photography — and for the first time ever, this summer, he’s exhibiting his photography at shows on Wilton Drive. 

The show, called “My Eye Too,” takes places this Saturday at the South Florida Symphony Orchestra on Wilton Drive. The show is from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. It’s the follow up to his “My Eye” show earlier this summer.  

“I’m humbled by all of this,” Shiressaid. “I feel gratified. This is all new territory for me. I don’t make a lot from it. I live a simple life.”

Shires’ photographs include a wide range of subject matter. Among the most recognized pictures is an image from Puerto Rico, one on a golf course, and a wide-angle abstract piece of a cruise ship. Another signature piece titled “Elementary” is a dramatic photograph of a girl in an elementary school walking past a window. 

Some of Shires’ displayed images are from early in his career; others are more recent. The sum total of his work is a fantastic display of talent. 

While taking photos at events pays the bills, Shires prefers photographing objects over people. “They don’t talk back,” he said. “I can manipulate them. I don’t have to ask them to smile.”

Shires is originally from Richmond, Virginia. He started his career as an elementary school teacher. He’s been in South Florida since 1989 and has photographed real estate, retail stores, and landscape lighting. 

Shires is also the official photographer of The South Florida Symphony.  He’s captured images for the symphony for several years. “My Eye” and “My Eye Too” came about thanks to Jacqueline Lorber, the Symphony’s president, and CEO. “He’s had the most successful show of all the artists since we opened up two years ago,” Lorbersaid. “The June show was successful, and we wanted to give him the maximum amount of exposure, so he’s coming back in July.”

Patrons, friends, and guests are invited to enjoy Shires’ artwork. 

“Jacqueline gave me this chance,” Shiressaid. “She’d never seen my artwork, but since I’ve worked for her for 10 years, she gave me a chance.” 

Shires’ photography will also be on display soon at the art gallery at Fort Lauderdale City Hall. ‘That’s a biggie for me,” Shiressaid. 

You can see more of Shires’ work at