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Of all the warlords of history, none have managed to equal the feats of Alexander the Great, born in 365 B.C. in Macedonia. He led his army in an epic mission of global conquest, creating the largest empire that had ever existed up to that time at the age of just thirty-five.

His greatest victory was against the Persian Empire, the only super power in the ancient world. At the battle of Gaugamela, Alexander scattered his foes, commanding the cavalry in person against the Persian ranks and targeting their King Darius directly. 

This highly risky move earned him eternal glory but very nearly cost him his life.

The story goes that, at a certain point, when the battle was at its height, an elephant guided by his enemies was sent against Alexander who, caught unawares, risked being trampled to death by the animal. Fortunately, his powerful dog Peritas in his turn attacked the enormous pachyderm, sinking its teeth into the lower lip and hanging from it. His providential intervention gave his master just enough time to get out of the way.

Peritas was not as lucky. When the battle was done the Macedonians recovered his body and paid homage to it with a solemn state funeral.

As for Alexander, he founded a city with the name of his inestimable friend.

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