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It was a historic night for the Palm Beach County Human Rights Council. 

The 28-year-old organization raised more than $50,000 at last weekend’s Winter Fete in Palm Beach, making it the most successful fundraiser they’ve ever held.

"The night was simply magical,” said PBCHRC founder Rand Hoch.

The event took place at the Villa Fontana, the historic landmark estate of Bill Eberhardt in Palm Beach.

More than 220 people attended the sold out party including Congresswoman Lois Frankel, West Palm Beach Mayor Muoio, Supervisor of Elections Susan Bucher, and openly gay State Rep. David Richardson.

“Thanks to dozens of major donors and more than two hundred tickets holders, PBCHRC is in the best financial position we have been in our 28 year history,” Hoch said. "It was inspiring to be among over 200 of PBCHRC's major donors partying at one of Palm Beaches most fabled estates, Villa Fontana. While PBCHRC has held fundraising events at private homes and fabulous venues for more than 25 years, not one could compete with the ambiance of Saturday night's event at Villa Fontana."