The Palm Beach County Human Rights Council’s Voters Alliance released a list of endorsements for the Aug. 30 primary.

Twenty-four candidates received the alliance’s endorsement. All candidates have elections in Palm Beach County and none identify as LGBT.

PBCHRC Founder Rand Hoch defended his organization’s right to not endorse an openly LGBT candidate, telling SFGN no suitable individual was presented this election cycle.

“We don’t actively recruit politicians,” Hoch said. “We’re not the Victory Fund. That’s what they do. We exist to write laws.”

Candidates endorsed by the PBCHRC Voters Alliance are as follows: Patrick Murphy, U.S. Senate, Randy Perkins, U.S. Congress, Carey Haughwout, Public Defender, Kevin Rader, Michael Steinger and Jeff Clemens, Florida Senate, Mary W. Higgins, Matt Willhite, David Silvers, Al Jacquet and Kelly Skidmore, Florida House of Representatives, Dave Kerner and Priscilla Taylor, County Commission, Katherine Waldron and Jean L. Enright, Port of Palm Beach, Dina Keever and Gregory Tendrich, Circuit Court Judge, Ric Bradshaw, Sheriff, Marni Bryson and Gregg Lerman, County Court Judge, Ellen Baker, School Board, Susan Bucher, Supervisor of Elections, Dorthy Jacks and Shelley Vana, Property Appraiser.

All candidates were interviewed and evaluated by a panel on their work in regards to human rights, Hoch said.

And, in a change of pace, PBHRC’s endorsements are aligned with Equality Florida.

“We’re on the same page this cycle,” Hoch said. “I have spoken with Nadine Smith (Equality Florida Executive Director) and we’ve had tremendous co-operation.”
With an estimated population of $1.3 million people, Palm Beach County is the third most populated of Florida’s 67 counties. According to its website, PBCHRC is dedicated to ending discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression.