Passages: Jeffrey Tobin

Jeffrey Tobin

March 28, 1964 – November 12, 2012

What is it that we remember when we think of Jeff Tobin?  One thing we would all agree that it was his witty sense of humor as he could always find some way to make a joke about any situation.

That is what everyone will miss about Jeffrey.  He had the ability to make everyone laugh when they were really sad.  He always wanted to see people happy.

We all need to remember him and that this is not a time to grieve his death but to celebrate his life.

He will never be forgotten.  Jeff never wanted to see people cry, he always wanted to see people happy.  Everyone should be happy to have known him.  This is not a time to shed tears but to be thankful for having known him.

Jeff had a passion for gambling, dining out and participating in things such as the Poverello Bowl-A-Thon and the past two years the Smart Ride.

“I will never forget the time that we were at Hard Rock and he was betting and every game came up a Wild Card.  Had he bet the full amount he would have won $860,000. But since he only bet thirty cents he only walked with $300,” said Jason Mazza, Jeff’s best friend.

“He was the kindest person I have ever met.  If you needed something, he would give it to you.” Jennifer Morales of Sidelines Sports Bar.

“This last year was tough but he was always upbeat and always had a smile on his face.” Sonyi Aguero, long time friend.

“He had a love for life, took it by the balls and continued to fight.  He was an inspiration to anyone who had inkling.  He wouldn’t give up.  Sidelines was his social bond and his memory will live on,” said Laurie Whittaker, owner of Sidelines.

“He was the number one supporter of Alibi Angels Softball team.  He was a man who would do anything for anyone,” said Steve Stefanko, friend of Jeff and fellow team mate.

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