Rolando Chang Barrero has done a lot for Palm Beach County, so perhaps that’s why readers voted him as the Best LGBT Activist, Best Artist, and his art gallery in West Palm Beach won for Best Art Gallery.

Executive Director of Compass, Julie Seaver won this category so many times we decided to rename it LGBT Activist (NOT Named Julie Seaver), with her blessing!

Chang Barrero created the Pajaro Pride Wall Project, an auction that has over 100 artists, friends, allies, and community leaders creating art to sell.

“​​I’m very honored to be included on this list among so many friends and associates,” Chang Barrero said. “It’s a great honor to be recognized by our community and I am very grateful. I’m very happy to be able to continue to serve my community.”

He has been creating art for over 40 years, according to his bio. He is a multimedia artist with a portfolio including fashion design, film, painting, acting, and more. His activism and his art are often intertwined, which is why the exhibits that his art gallery hosts feature topics that range from human rights to personal identity. Barrero has built a gallery in which it's easy to get lost, yet somehow find a piece of yourself along the way. 

Runner-up Best Activist: Melissa St. John 

Runner-up Best Artist: Juan Carlos Badia Cabero

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