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Addiction is painful. Recovery is rough. While addicts in recovery focus on the big picture, it can be the little things that get in the way and make them feel like they’re spinning their wheels.

Now a group, dedicated to the memory of a South Florida man, is here to help. From Brock Haney With Love gives “small-dollar,” temporary assistance to people working on their recovery.

Brock Haney moved to Florida from New York to get his pilot license. Like most people, recovery didn’t take hold the first time, or the second. He was in and out of programs for years before dying at age 25. That was five years ago. Since then, his friend and sponsor, Kevin Owens, has worked to keep Brock’s memory alive by helping others who are struggling with the same problems. “We met at Lambda North and he asked me to be his sponsor,” Owens said. “Over the next four years we shared his journey together. Being invited to share a journey with someone is a blessing and responsibility.”

It’s that responsibility that led Owens to create the foundation. It’s not the type of organization that holds big, splashy, headline-making events. Brock Haney flies under the radar, collecting a few thousand dollars a year, and using it to give a little help to a lot of people.

“We believe in helping one person at a time. The help is limited and meant to provide temporary assistance when it is needed most. The goal is ultimately for the person to become self-supporting and when they can pay it forward and help another in need in our LGBT recovery community.”

With much of our social life revolves around bars, clubs, and parties, Owens knows recovery comes with unique challenges for LGBT people.

“Self-love, self-esteem, sex issues, internal homophobia, and trauma are just a few of the challenges a person will need to work through once they become abstinent, drinking and drugs are just a symptom of something deeper and unique to each individual addressing their issues.”

Now the foundation named after him tries to keep Brock’s light shining bright, one small but generous act at a time.

“His ability to light up a room, and make everyone in that room feel special and loved was a special gift he possessed. I learned from him the importance of going out of my way to say hello and make someone feel welcome because sometimes I forget I truly don’t know the impact that a simple act of kindness may have.”

Now the foundation looks to get more people involved, raise more donations, and raise more awareness.

To learn more about Brock and his legacy or make a donation, visit their website at