Boca Domestic Partner Benefits’ Workshop in the Talks

The town of Palm Beach voted for domestic partnership benefits over the summer yet Boca Raton still hasn't done so.

“In Boca, we’ve been working on this most recently since Sept. 2012,” said Rand Hoch of the PBCHRC. “It was very difficult to get the city manager to put anything on the agenda.”

While commissioners considered their city world-class, it wasn’t treating its employees right.

In July, Hoch showed up at a workshop and explained why it’s important to take action now so people can enroll their partners in October’s open enrollment. Delaying the decision would potentially keep many people from being able to apply.

The city put an item on the workshop for Monday, Aug. 26, to discuss options that’ve been put together by the city manager’s office.

“What’s probably going to happen at the workshop is they’ll add the item to the city meeting on Tuesday.”

During Tuesday’s meeting, a vote would push the measure forward.

The mayor, Suzane Welchell, joined two commissioners in support of the notion. They are the only three in support officially, but enough to make a measure pass.

The policy and ordinance has been written up already. If the Tuesday vote goes well, the vote to actually make the measure law should come in early Sept.

“So far, no one from the public has spoken against .” “People understand that what’s happened in the past has been discriminatory, and they understand that th time to correct that is now.”Justin Long

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