The LGBT community is constantly being portrayed in the media in a negative light.

Whether it be derogatory names, stigma-influenced stereotypes, or insensitive political laws, it's apparent that the community has been in the “hot seat” and the fuel behind tons of messy “hot topic” segments in 2022. Palm Beach County couple Matthew Graham-Jackson and Richardo Jackson are doing their part to dispel the average LGBT narrative and create a lane that gives new meaning to the phrase “Black Gay Pride.”  

This West Palm Beach couple is both entrepreneurs. Jackson is the owner and president of the newly launched Campbell Health Solutions Inc., which is a 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to promote health and educational services that support the well-being of those individuals that are vulnerable to HIV, STDs and other major issues that may affect their health. Their overall vision is to innovate health care services for the communities that remain at risk. Campbell Health was established in homage to Jackson’s late mother Elaine May Campbell. Ironically enough, the company was also named after her. 

“My mom had a reputation for helping people, especially those from the islands and African American people,” Jackson said. “She started her own nursing school and trained folks on how to be an LPN or a CNA so they can find jobs and support themselves. After she passed, I noticed that she was still a small business owner while I was going through her paperwork. This inspired me to use my experience combined with my mom’s business savvy to start my own company.” 

On the other hand, Graham-Jackson is the owner of his own skin line Emigee Skyn. The brand was crafted for clients that want to utilize the perks of preserving a youthful appearance. Emigee Skyne uses hand-selected and natural ingredients combined with advanced technology. Described as a “labor of love” by Jackson, this luxury skincare line is compatible with all skin types.  

“Emigee Skyn was not originally for the public, it was for me,” Graham-Jackson said. “I had hyperpigmentation and acne as an adult and during my teen years. It was basically a way for me to identify which natural products work for me because I was chasing fads, or trying to fit in when it came to skincare. As a melanin-skinned male, it was doing my skin a disservice.” 

In the LGBT community, Grindr is seen as a hookup site. Not in the case of the Jackson’s though. They met on the popular dating app in 2011 and married just four years later in 2015. Another interesting aspect of their dynamic would be that they adopted two kids, 14-year-old Michael and 4-year-old Rylan. The Jacksons had a lot of love to give, so making the decision to adopt was fairly easy for them. They have had Michael since he was 7 years old, and Rylan when he was just 8 days old.  

“Adoption was something we talked about from day one,” mentioned Graham-Jackson. “We were very upfront about our long and short-term goals. We were both originally from New York, so when we moved we thought it would be a great idea to raise kids in a place of freedom. Living in the Sunshine State gives us the feeling, so once we settled, it was time to open our home to share the love that we have developed with children.” 

The Jackson family is a perfect example of what Black gay love can look like, and a great representation of Black gay Pride. Not only are they proud members of the LGBT community and parents, but it goes without saying that they also feed the homeless, educate about the prevention and HIV STDs, and run their businesses while still putting their family first and being an example of living “Loud and Proud.” 

“People hear about marriage and they think life is over,” Graham-Jackson said. “Even some of my heterosexual friends think we have life because we are married. That's not true because we do fun stuff and we travel with our kids in or outside the country frequently. To be quite honest, we feel like our lives have just begun.”