The country is shocked with Tuesday’s election results, and Trump’s win has sent many into protest and panic over uncertainty for the future.

Some residents of Palm Beach County are gathering to protest the President Elect tomorrow night — at the Trump Plaza in West Palm Beach.

“Our goal is to send a clear message to Palm Beach Resident Donald Trump, to our local community, and to the rest of America that we will not stand for the fear and the hate that Trump and Pence represent,” the event’s Facebook page reads.

At the time of writing, 39 people have confirmed plans to attend the event, with 105 others expressing interest.

“If you are feeling outraged in the wake of Tuesday’s results,” the event page reads. “If you are an ally to all the marginalized people threatened by a Trump/Pence presidency, if you are fearful of having your civil liberties stripped from you, if you are disappointed in the complete inefficiency of the antiquated electoral college, please join us on Friday, November 11th in front of Trump Plaza at 525 S Flagler Dr. for a peaceful protest.”

A description of Trump Plaza on reads, “Discriminating residents will enjoy all of the security and grandeur expected from a Trump property.”

Already the projected protest has sparked debate online, with some Facebook users hoping to see police intervention of the peaceful protest 

“Real Americans do not act this way,” Crystal Caponas posted on the event’s page. “Have fun getting arrested!! Let’s be civil people and NOT act like terrorists!! I hope the angels bless you and clear all your hate!!! World Peace!!!”

“Real Americans DO INDEED act this way!,” Jason Carver responded. “We fight for the rights of every man (and woman). Can’t wait for tomorrow!”

“This protest is welcoming to all those who stand with us against Trump and his ideals, regardless of political affiliation,” reads the event description. “It is imperative that we stand together as Democrats, Republicans, 3rd Party Voters, and others to make our message resonate both within and without our community.”

The protest will be held tomorrow, November 11 at 525 S Flagler Dr, West Palm Beach, FL 33401-5903 from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m.