(SS) Palm Beach County Commissioner Melissa McKinlay has tested positive for COVID-19, she said Tuesday morning.

“For months, we have been taking the best precautions possible to prevent the spread of COVID-19,” McKinlay posted on Twitter. "I am proud of those efforts, but nothing is a 100% guarantee. After receiving a COVID test yesterday, I learned late last night that I am positive. I am quarantined per CDC guidelines and am working with our contract tracers.

“I feel tired, but I think we all do at this point in 2020! Other than feeling lethargic and a bit achy, I am thankfully showing no other symptoms. Thanks for the kind thoughts.”

While McKinlay was physically absent during Tuesday’s Palm Beach County Commission meeting, she called in over the phone to participate.

“None of us are surprised that Commissioner McKinlay continues to work diligently despite the COVID-189 result,” Palm Beach County Mayor Dave Kerner said during Tuesday’s meeting. “We appreciate [her] attending here today.”