He’s done the job before. Kevin Burns, a former two-term mayor, is asking voters in North Miami to give him another opportunity to serve the city.

A gay man, Burns is campaigning for a council seat in District 2.

Burns said he has the endorsement of SAVE’s Action Pac, Equality Florida, the Miami Realtors Association and the South Florida Police Benevolent Association. 

“I am working hard to meet and introduce myself to the voters of District 2 who may not have been living here when I was mayor [2005-2009],” Burns said. “I turned our city around back then and I’m sure I will be able to push for real financial reform that our city needs.”

North Miami has an estimated population of 70,000 people, Burns said, with a large Haitian-American community. If elected, Burns would be the second gay man on the council. District 1 Councilman Scott Galvin has served the city since 1999. 

“We are excited to endorse Kevin Burns for the City of North Miami council,” said SAVE Executive Director Orlando Gonzales. “His prior experience as mayor provides him with the ability to jump into the new role with virtually no learning curve.”

It has been reported North Miami has an $8 million deficit in its general budget. Burns, Gonzales said, will “help bring the city into a healthy and vibrant existence.”

The election is May 11 and a run-off is likely, said Gonzales. Burns is one of seven candidates seeking the District 2 seat.

SAVE has endorsed Laura Hill, an LGBT ally for the District 3 seat.

Meanwhile, the Coral Gables run-off did not go so well for out gay man José Valdés-Fauli. Rhonda Anderson, an attorney, defeated Valdés-Fauli, a retired banker, in the race for Group 2 commission seat. Anderson received 5,251 votes for 73%, easily blowing past Valdés-Fauli, who received 1,949 votes for 27%.

Valdés-Fauli was seeking to become the first out gay man to serve on the Coral Gables Commission.