If one is only vaguely conscious of non-profit organizations supporting the LGBT community in South Florida one is still at least aware that there are “lots of them.” Our Fund, an initiative developed by Anthony Timiraos and others, seeks to unite the many organizations supporting the LGBT community into a cohesive force.

The primary focus of Our Fund will be to promote endowments and planned gifts and distribute these funds to organizations in the most efficient, effective and timely fashion. Consider the group a primary physician, working with specialists to support overall health.

Timiraos brings a wealth of experience to Our Fund, as he worked for a number of years as the chief financial officer for the Community Foundation of Broward County. He also served as Board Member and Treasurer for Lambda Legal, which fights for the rights of the LGBT community.

“Being involved in the community we saw a need for a central organization to coordinate donor’s intent with non-profits serving the LGBT community,” said Timiraos. “There seems to be a lot of donors, and individuals, unfamiliar with other non-profits serving the community, and a lot of the non-profits don’t know each other.”

Our Fund intends to bring the non-profit organizations together, to learn about each other and make sure they are not duplicating services. This will allow individual organizations to provide greater community impact. Local residents Charles Loring, Coleman Prewitt, Richard Shwarz, Mark Ketcham, and Timiraos founded the organization, which now has more than a dozen board members and will serve all of South Florida from Broward County through the Keys.

“We even have two straight allies on the board of directors,” Timiraos added proudly, which attests to the vitality and importance of LGBT individuals in South Florida.

On Wednesday, April 20, Our Fund will formally launch with an event at Northern Trust on Las Olas Boulevard. Northern Trust is a sponsor of the organization, and will serve as financial advisor.

Through five organizations within the group – Our Youth Fund, Our Senior’s Fund, Our Women’s Fund, Our Health and Education Fund, and Our Arts and Culture Fund – Our Fund seeks to disseminate funds and support the community. An interesting component of the group is the arts and culture fund, which will allow LGBT artists to display and express their medium.

“We’re also going to promote some arts related educational opportunities for the community,” added Timiraos. “We’d like to introduce painting classes, and art therapy for HIV-positive people, and this can come from the arts and culture fund or the health and education fund or a combination of the two.”

With a dedicated group of board members, and commitment to furthering the empowerment of the LGBT community, Our Fund will unite the broad spectrum of donors and allies into a cohesive force.

Please visit Our-Fund.org for more information, or to make a donation.