South Florida’s only LGBT community foundation has pledged money to the Humanity Project’s newly formed Diversity Unity Coalition, which helps combat COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy within underrepresented communities.

To promote its mission, “Equality for Each, Respect For All,” the coalition will focus its work on combating vaccine hesitancy by education outreach into underrepresented communities. This includes Black, Latino, Jewish Orthodox, Muslim, LGBT, and other underserved communities as well.

According to a report by the New York Times, there is a noticeable hesitancy in LGBT communities of color due to a longstanding mistrust in the medical establishment. The article also notes that LGBT people of color were twice as likely as white non-LGBT people to test positive for COVID-19.

Sexual and gender minorities and people of color are more vulnerable to becoming infected with the coronavirus and also more likely to have underlying conditions that could make them severely ill if they were to contract COVID-19.

Even though Black people are at higher risk of developing the disease, vaccination issues are particularly prominent in this community. A total of 1,350 men and transgender women, the majority of whom identified as gay or bisexual, were asked how likely they were to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

According to Williams Institutes School of Law, around 15% of LGBT people of color have tested positive for COVID-19, while 7% of non-LGBT white adults tested positive. The report also states that 12% of LGBT respondents report being laid off from their jobs due to the pandemic, and one out of three LGBT people of color personally knew someone who died of COVID-19.

“Our Fund Foundation is proud to support the Diversity Unity Coalition, which seeks to combat health disparities and promote our common humanity,” David Jobin, president and CEO of Our Fund Foundation, said in a prepared statement.

COVID patients with HIV have higher rates of acute illness needing hospitalization more than people without an HIV diagnosis, according to a recent report from New York State.

Our Fund Foundation has grown into the third-largest LGBT foundation in the nation, and it promotes a culture of philanthropy by uniting donors that help LGBT issues in South Florida and support causes within the LGBT community.

“Our members represent diverse political affiliations, religions, races, and backgrounds, but we found common ground and had unanimous agreement to jointly focus our coalition’s resources initially on tackling vaccine hesitancy,” the founder and president of The Humanity Project, Bob Knotts, stated in a press release. 

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