Opening Line: Wilton Drive Re-design, Proposed Local Condo Project & More!

Photo by Michael Key.

Consultants Pitch Wilton Drive Re-Design

Attilio DP - Just look at Las Olas and hit copy paste.

Chuck Baum -  There's no mystery to improving a streetscape. Add trees, implement an attractive and uniform sidewalk material & street lighting. Spend $$ on Public Works implementing these basics and save a fortune on consultants with fancy plans that may or may not be implemented.

Kimber White - I agree so much money for what? I keep hearing safety etc. on narrowing like Las Olas but Las Olas has had more pedestrian accidents since narrowing and is no safer Google it a waste of tax $$ and narrowing is not going to be the magic wand to bring business until we address housing issues, quality of life, high rents on drive, a community gathering place for events, affordable housing then and only then can we attract quality businesses not narrow lanes and trees.


Proposed Condo Project Produces Spirited Debate

Larry Scott - The east side association has made it clear they don't want development of any kind at that highly desirable location. The "red shirts" would like a park instead, which would generate zero tax income and cost the city a great deal in maintenance. Is this the 3rd or 4th development they've protested against? I lose track.

Bruce Bates - Let's grow and update ourselves or many people will leave due to our city not being progressive.

Frank Zurek - Well the Eastside association killed the last project let's hope they don't sabotage this one.


Trump Supporter Claims Bullying by Gays

Evan Darling - Yea well growing up Gay was different for everyone. He is lucky he didn't have a bad experience. As a group, LGBTQ people generally look out for each other. There is nothing good about a Trump presidency for the LGBTQ Community. Especially with his VP pick. Trump wants a wall built so we can hide behind it. And yell really loud. People can vote for whomever they choose. Him tweeting and talking about it in the community will only get him attacked. He needs to not be a wuss and just keep his mouth shut and vote. If you want a fight, open your mouth you will get one.. Just don't complain about it. Michael Murphy OMG, no Eric Gilbert they don't hate you because you're a Republican, they hate you because they've had a conversation with you once! LOL You have no social skills and Mother Theresa would be inclined to slap you silly.

Karen Rowe -  Please sign up for conversion therapy now as a true sign of support for your platform. This is what you are voting for.

Elthon Wolffemann DeCastillo -  I am a proud member of the Log Cabin Republicans, where, unlike the DNC, we do actual activism, instead of just talking.

Kenneth Averett-Clark - How in the world can you vote for a party that doesn't care about you? They don't care about you, I repeat. The platform wants to repeal all the things we have fought for and are still fighting for. How is this in your best interest? It makes no sense. If you have some rational that can illuminate some kind of strong case why you should be with them, share it with us so we can fully understand. I don't hate you, I just don't understand you.


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