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Men Busted For Sex At Wilton Manors Park

Steve Johnson: this is WAY too public and family-friendly of a neighborhood park, Guys, for that stuff. Don't be surprised when you get busted (however stupid these laws)

Joseph Green: When str8 people do it in public, on beaches, in bushes, in bars and in cars it's completely fine.... such simple standards.

Ralf Rivers: I love outdoor head


Log Cabin Republicans Blame House Dems For Failure To Pass Spending Bill

Frank Zurek: Isn't it time LCR's realize the Republicans are not concerned about GLBT rights. Show the GOP a lesson and vote Blue in November.

Larry Kraft: Taking things out of context ... A republican specialty. LCR=Self loathing queers.

Peter Ennis: How did the Democrats vote it down if Republicans have a majority in the House?


Biblical Pamphlets Inserted Into SFGN Boxes

Vincent Zeteliano: OMG. I love whoever did this. Btw, it wasn't me I swear. I hate Gay Christians. Is there a way I can have the pamphlet? Or if anyone actually got the pamphlet. I wanna see it. I love love love love when us fags try to educate each other on the horrors of the Bible. :)

Dave954: Since you asked, seems you've given the phantom pamphlet troll the attention he/she wanted when you could have ignored the whole thing. Give a mouse a cookie.

Bob: Ecclesiastes 3.17 I said in mine heart, Elohim shall judge the righteous and the wicked: for there is a time there for every purpose and for every work. Yet the wicked, such as yourselves, have no clue that you are also to be judged by men here & now for your capitol crimes.