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Knife Attack Reported At Colohatchee Park

Alex Thomas Ten years ago this wouldn't have been news, or reported as a hate crime. Eventually the people who behave this way will fade away, or sit in cells trying to figure out how they're going to pay their civil suit penalties. We will win.

Tim Robblee Isn't there also something about reasonable expectation of privacy even in outdoor settings?

Robb Kvašňák This new crime was indeed a crime. But the idea that cruising in the park is a crime is just plain wrong. Let me explain: suppose a woman and a man enter Colohatchee Park holding hands and at one point they are so overcome with love for each other that they embrace in a passionate kiss. Would that be a crime? So, then suppose that I walk into the park with my husband and we do the same thing. Is that then a crime? Or if two people who don't know each other suddenly embrace and French kiss. Is that then a crime? Some how society's whole notion of crime is illogical - especially in the wake of a mass shooting, which doubtlessly IS a crime. But physical love as a crime?


South Florida Politicians Demand Gun Reform Law

Kenneth Latsch Yes but what of those constant gun shows at the War Memorial Aud?

Richard King Shouldn't it be "religious freedom" reform, since religions breed hatred & all....or does that seem to practical? I mean, if you take away guns, then hateful people will just use knives & explosive devices, right?

Vincent Zeteliano #FireDebbie for using the victims of Orlando to pander votes.


Columnist Takes Issue With Catholic Response To Orlando Massacre

Patrick The Muslims want to sent you to hell, the Catholic Church wants to save you from hell. I cant condem you as a person but I’m damn allowed to despise your gross, sick and immoral lifestyle. Get over yourself and stop inflicting your perverted pagan lifestyle on everyone else. Unfortunately you will burn in the fires of hell if you do not repent.

Mercury613 Yes, Christians are so much better than Muslims; they just dehumanize and shame LGBT people into suicide so that they can avoid bad PR and save money on bullets. BTW thanks for proving t0he author's point so beautifully.

Richard King If it took the Catholic church 700 years to forgive their own religious members (Knights Templar), then I think LGBT shouldn't hold their breath.


Florida AG's Grand Standing Over Pulse Tragedy Outrages Gays

Daniel Nistal I am gay and all in favor of gay marriage but I don't see the connection between her fighting gay marriage and her helping the families of those that were shot. She is not a gay supporter today or was before. Are we saying she is trying to portrait that she likes us now?

David Lafond Psychopaths don't accept personal responsibility.

Joanie Bigham She is Despicable! The whole Bigot train all raced to Orlando showing ZERO respect for the Victims, their families and all of us who are the LGBTQ family just to be "seen "on CNN. An all time low, I didn’t think was possible. Scott, Muir, Rubio and Bondi need to GO! Call their offices and let them hear from us that this is UNACCEPTABLE! #ProudPFLAGHRCEqualityFlaMOM #DontMessWithMOM

Jerry Foster What gets me about this woman is the fact she is so wishy washy. If it makes her look good, she'll fall right into the line up. But on her throne as Attorney General, she balked at the notion of gay marriage with her constant road blocks. 'Your ability to slither around questions Bondi won't save you here. Anderson is one of the big dogs of media girlfriend.'

William Falce Actions speak louder than words Pam Bondi. Make us believe you and do something remarkable to protect LGBT Floridians from discrimination.

Kenneth Kirk Westlake I couldn't agree more with what was said in this letter. She chose to make herself a victim when nobody else thought that except for a specific "news" channel ... I truly believe she was horrified by what happened but she in no way expressed remorse for her previous comments and actions toward the LGBTQ Community ... Anderson Cooper did an amazing job holding her accountable and for being a hypocrite about this issue ... We need to work together to get her voted out of office the next time she is up for election.


FEDS: No Evidence Pulse Gunman Used Gay Hook-Up Apps; Watched Gay Porn Or Had Boyfriend

Steve Johnson no surprise. rumors always run rampant after any of these mass shootings.

Ian Slick Liars!

Elthon Wolffemann DeCastillo ha! the media bamboozled the audiences.