Overdose May Have Claimed Life of Boardwalk Dancer 

Devin Hart. Photo via Facebook

A young man who was living in Wilton Manors and dancing locally in a popular South Florida nightclub has apparently overdosed. He died Aug. 11. 

Twenty-four hours after being brought to the emergency room at Broward General himself, Michael Milani, 28, called paramedics for his roommate, Devin Hart, who had just celebrated his 22nd birthday.

Both men had been dancing under their stage names at Boardwalk on Andrews Avenue in Fort Lauderdale. 

According to first responders, Milani came back to his apartment at Wilton Towers at 3:25 am on Aug. 11, finding Hart slumped over on his bed.

When he poured water on Hart to wake up, he began vomiting non-stop. Milani, who stated he was “horrified,” called 911. He advised paramedics that Hart uses drugs and he believed that he “may have done too much that night.”

Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue first responders located inside the apartment several clear plastic pill caps that had been cut up with a blade. Each had brown residue inside of them. A razor and rolled up U.S. currency had been constructed into a straw, consistent with drug use by snorting. 

Drug paraphernalia was also found. The police report stated that “there was nothing suspicious that would indicate anything other than an apparent drug overdose.” 

Paramedics immediately administered ‘Narcan,’ an opioid antagonist used to reverse opioid overdoses, to revive Hart, but to no avail. The young man was taken to Holy Cross Hospital, where he was pronounced dead just after 4 a.m.

Milani told law enforcement officers he “did everything he could to help” Hart, even getting instructions from the 911 operator on how to administer CPR. 

“It was horrifying,” Milani told SFGN. “I have never dealt with anything like that in my life before. I had just met Devin. He was so nice.”

Ironically, 24 hours before, Milani, while dancing at the Boardwalk, had himself passed out from excessive drinking.  Released later that day, Milani posted on Facebook that he was going to ‘stop drinking’ for a while. He returned to his apartment later that night to find Hart unconscious.

Until the toxicology reports come back from the medical examiner, no one can say with certainty how Hart, who only hours before celebrated his 22nd birthday with a Sushi brunch on Las Olas, died. 

Stated his friend, Dilan Hebert, “He was happy, content, and we ate crab legs all afternoon for his birthday. He was feeling great, and looking forward to a good weekend at work.” 

“He joked about drugs occasionally,” Hebert said, “but he felt he could handle them.’”

Funeral services memorializing the youthful and vital life of Hart, a Fort Lauderdale native, were held this past Saturday at Rio Vista Community Church. 

Hart’s life was celebrated with moving eulogies from his mother, father, sister, aunts and uncles, along with Pastor Matt Lomenick, who knew him since he was a child.

No mention was made of his career as an adult dancer, the popular and outgoing handsome young entertainer at the Boardwalk, whose hairstyles changed frequently. There were tributes to his spontaneity and spirit.

At his memorial service, Hart’s dad, Mark, noted his son’s “free spirit,” diverse talents, love of bike week, flying airplanes and daring sense of adventure. A video tribute delineated his bold and energetic exuberance for life and laughter. 

His Aunt Lennie said “everyone he touched loved him.”