New Year’s resolutions are easy to make – but hard to keep. But according WalletHub it’s easier to stick to them if you live in certain areas so they’ve compiled a list ranking the best to worst cities “based on their conduciveness to self-improvement.”

Number one on the list: Seattle, Wash. Last place, number 182, goes to Gulfport, Miss. And in between 11 Florida cities are ranked from Orlando at the top sitting at number seven, to Hialeah at the bottom at 174.

To determine these rankings WalletHub “looked at a total of 52 key metrics, ranging from gyms per capita to income growth to employment outlook.”

In South Florida Miami comes in at 33 and Fort Lauderdale at 51.

Other cities include Tampa (21); St. Petersberg (54); Jacksonville (57); Pembroke Pines (61); Tallahassee (72); Cape Coral (80); and  Port St. Lucie (81).