The old saying goes: “All politics is local.” It’s a mantra that’s serving John Porter and his community well.

He’s co-hosting “On The Back Porch,” (OTBP) a new, weekly radio show focusing on local governments that make decisions that impact South Floridians every day.

“We hope as the show grows that we will be able to be a conduit between the listeners and the people who are working on important issues,” Porter said. With more than 100 municipalities in Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties, it’s impossible for even large news organizations to keep track of every council meeting and committee agenda.

Porter hopes OTBP will highlight what would otherwise fly below the radar with a focus on the Greater Miami Area. It includes current events and what's happening on the street level in Magic City.

OTBP airs Fridays from 9-10 p.m. on WLQY AM 1320. Each show can be downloaded as a podcast as well.

“There is a large part of municipal level news that isn’t caught by television or print media and we hope to bridge that gap,” Porter said. “I see the show as a week in review. All the things you’re too busy to keep up with that is going on.”

Porter co-hosts with Laura Hill, and is also managing her campaign for City Council District 3 in North Miami. They’ve worked together on community issues ranging from banning Styrofoam in North Miami, banning pesticides in public parks, and defeating a $120 million bond issue in North Miami.

“We have become trusted public leaders in the communities and with that I think we have an obligation to make sure we’re sharing as much information as possible with the people of our area,” he said. “We felt bringing our street-level view of issues, legislation and goings-ons of Greater Miami and the Beaches were an opportunity to help residents of our city be more engaged and up to date with what’s happening around the city.”

Porter also serves as vice president of Northeast Miami-Dade Democrats. His goal in that role is to get more citizens involved in their communities, saying it takes more than one person or one committee to get things done.

“There are no superpower heroes doing this work,” he said. “It’s regular people who show up and contribute their time and talents to making the world a better place.”

In addition to politics, Porter enjoys a good cocktail and is taking his brand of premium mixers to the next level. He founded 2 Skinny Drunks with his cousin, Dianna Mulcahy, with the goal of being “the Bentley of booze.” Now he’s honoring his Scottish heritage by developing their own line of spirits.

“Our first spirit will be a premium quality gin spirit. As with all things we have done as a company, our goals are always to create the highest-quality product possible,” he said. “We will never sell something that we’re not drinking ourselves.”

As if that wasn’t enough to stay busy, Porter also works with the Miami Yacht Club.

“The Yacht Club is a Sailing Center for the 99%,” he said. “It’s vitally important that access to the water not be reserved solely for the 1% of the world.”

His work on the planning and finance committees helps him make sure the club continues to provide STEM education as well as water safety, sailing, and wind-surfing to at-risk youth.

To learn more about OTBP you can check out the show’s website at Download the podcasts at