New Gay Kickball League Kicks Off Saturday with Happy Hour

When Jason Shervinski moved to Washington, D.C. he was in a strange land so the young computer systems engineer turned to a strange sport to reach others.

“Being so brand new to the city kickball actually helped me find a group of friends that I enjoyed being around,” Shervinski said. “D.C. can be a very lonely city if you don’t know anyone. What kickball did for me in D.C. was kind of open me up to new people that I wanted to be around that shared the same ideas and desires that I did.”

Shervinski, 32, moved to Fort Lauderdale in the summer and is organizing a new kickball league. The league – Varsity Gay League – is having a happy hour event Saturday, Aug. 26, (4 to 8 p.m.) at Gym Bar (2287 Wilton Drive) where prospective kickballers can register for fall play.

The co-ed league starts Sept. 23 with games played at Mickel Park. Kickball is played much like baseball sans a bat. The ball is 10 inches wide and rubber. Players kick it and run the diamond field hoping to return to home plate safely.

“It brings LGBTQ individuals together to play sports as random as it is,” Shervinski said. “For most people the last time they may have played kickball was fourth or fifth grade. It’s a reason to come together and enjoy the outdoors, have fun with each other and meet people.”

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