Multimedia Platforms, already in a legal battle with Southeast Offset over failing to pay for the publication of the Florida Agenda, has a new court date with a second printer. Buddy Tuchman, the owner of Printing Corporation of the Americas announced last week that his company has sued Multi Media Platforms and Publisher Bobby Blair, in Broward Circuit Court for failing to pay for over $20,000 in printing costs for the publication of Mark’s List Magazine.

That lawsuit follows another legal battle MMP is having with Southeast Offset, the former printer of the Florida Agenda. Southeast Offset is also seeking past due monies in the thousands of dollars for their unpaid printing costs. Blair’s defense is that they “had a repeated lack of performance,” but the claim was denied by Southeast Offset’s Troy Clowdus, who is hoping for a “favorable judgment” in the next two weeks. “I can assure you,” he said, “that the quality of the printing was not the problem.”

In the original online version of this article, SFGN had originally placed, incorrectly, an associated visual of Mark's List, the popular website of Mark Haines, that is not the subject of this litigation. We regret the error. 'Mark's List' Media, the online site,  is not a principle partner of the print publications which were the subject of the story.