Just days ago the National LGBT Task Force announced that an attendee of their annual Winter Party Festival tested positive for the coronavirus. 

adSFGNCaronaHomepageinstoryAddNow the Boston Globe is reporting 4 more have tested positive with two others exhibiting symptoms of the virus, which include chills, sweats, fatigue, and shortness of breath.“All six have shown the exact same symptoms at different times.

So everyone in the household got it for sure — I am 100 percent confident; it’s too coincidental,” one of the men, a 30-year-old doctor living in Boston, told the Globe.

“The fear, though, is a lot of them were actively enjoying their social life [before they felt sick] . . . going to bars, going to dinners, going and hanging out at friends’ houses, quarantining with friends.”The six men, a group of friends, who met in Miami to attend the Winter Party together came from all over the country – Seattle, Denver, Boston, and Washington, D.C.“You need to self-quarantine now.

I can’t stress it enough. I’ve never been so angry about people not following the rules,” the doctor said. “There’s just no way to prevent this from getting to every corner of the country unless you self-quarantine.”The Task Force has come under fire for refusing to cancel the event. Earlier in the week after it was announced an attendee had tested positive for the virus Rea Carey, executive director of the Task Force, defended her decision to the Washington Blade. “The Task Force made the most informed decision we could at the time, but understand the sentiment,” Carey told the Blade.

“We were working with the most current information about COVID-19 at the time and made a decision based on that. At this point no one can determine when or where individuals during that time period may have been carrying or infected with the virus. We can all agree that what we need now is to inform each other and support anyone in our community who has been impacted.”

The Blade interviewed that attendee, who wished to remain anonymous, telling the newspaper that many of his friends, who also attended the event, were experiencing flu like symptoms. It’s unclear if these men were a part of the same group of men the Boston Globe interviewed. Carey said precautions were undertaken at the annual festival to protect attendees, which included comprehensive signage with CDC information about practicing good hygiene and making alcohol-based hand sanitizer available throughout the event.


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Winter Party Attendee Tests Positive For Coronavirus