The village of Miami Shores voted 3 to 2 to reject a resolution supporting marriage equality in Florida.

Since the marriage equality suit was filed and heard in courts this year mayors from Orlando, Key West, St. Petersburg, Lake Worth, and Miami Beach have all announced their support.

The resolution was proposed by Vice Mayor Jesse Walters, who is openly gay, the according to the Miami New Times. The text of the resolution reads, “A resolution of the Miami Shores Village Council supporting marriage equality, urging enactment of a law that would provide for marriage equality in the state of Florida, and providing for an effective date.”

Mayor Herta Holly, and Councilmen Jim McCoy and Hunt Davis voted against the resolution, while Vice Mayor Walters and Councilwoman Ivonne Ledesma voted in favor, New Times reported.

A few dozen people showed up to the July 15 meeting. The board allowed public comment and members of community spoke on both sides of the issue.

Watch the meeting here.

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