A Hollywood police report revealed the co-founder of the local chapter of Impulse Group was binging on meth in his final hours.

Ryan K. Hughes, 36, passed away on Oct. 25 from an apparent suicide. Impulse Group is a sexual health educational organization operating under the umbrella of the AIDS Healthcare Foundation.

In the Hollywood Police Department’s incident report, obtained by SFGN, Adrian Vargas reported Hughes’ condition to the authorities. Vargas, 28, told HPD he was living with Hughes and Hughes had been abusing meth for the past week.

The police report also lists the medications Hughes was taking which include, Methadone, a drug commonly prescribed to relieve the withdrawal symptoms of some narcotics.

Police officer D. Diaz attempted to revive Hughes with CPR before Hollywood Fire Rescue arrived at the scene, taking over procedure and transporting Hughes to Memorial Regional Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Hughes, who was HIV positive, posted a mysterious statement on his Facebook page prior to his death. In the post, Hughes apologized for “embarrassing myself” at the Impulse United summit. A popular figure in South Florida’s gay community and a native of Fort Lauderdale, Hughes worked in the field of graphic design and had lent his talents to several publications.

“On a personal level. He had issues. We all do,” said A.j. Alegria, South Florida Impulse Group president. “But it just seems like there was a perfect storm working against him this time, and not enough support to get him through this rough patch. Impulse was his support group, and we like to think we keep each other going.”