(Mirror) Artistically inclined from an early age, Miami native Jason Caceres is now living in Los Angeles pursuing a career as an actor, where he has enjoyed a good deal of success. In addition to appearing in a number of commercials and working on the stage, Caceres, 28, has made a guest appearance on the CBS series "Criminal Minds." 

He can currently be seen in recurring roles in Facebook's first scripted Show "Turnt" and in Netflix's "Insatiable." Openly gay, Caceres has also appeared in a variety of LGBT productions, such as the remake of the 2006 gay cult classic "Boy Culture."

"My coming out story is not your typical heartbreaking story," Caceres told The Mirror. "I am very lucky to have such an amazing family. They have been supportive since day one."

Caceres recalls that he came out to his dad first. 

"I was practically pushed out of the closet thanks to the fact that I did not know how to clear my search history on my very first laptop," he said. "My dad was using my computer, I forget what for, and he started typing something on the Google search bar. Unfortunately, Google had already developed that pesky autofill technology and it autofilled something that I had previously searched, which I won't say. He came over to me and asked what it was."

He nervously told his dad that he didn't know what it was. "He just laughed and said he loved me," Caceres said. "And then I came out to my mom when I had my first boyfriend in high school. It was really uneventful."

During his teen years in Florida, Caceres joined his high school swim team. "I wasn't very good, but I had a lot of fun. The Florida Swimming Pool Association Competition was an annual competition held in Orlando and my swim team went every year. I placed second one year in the 500-meter freestyle race. That was sheer luck. I think there were only three of us competing. I mainly did it for the fun and the social aspect,” he said. “On the off-season I also joined the Water Polo team in my high school. That was way more fun than swimming because it was a team sport and required strategy. However, I wasn't very good at that."

Caceres first got into acting when, as a shy kid, his third-grade teacher suggested to his mom that acting classes might help get him out of his shell. 

"My Cuban heritage absolutely helped shape my career," he said. "A lot of the projects I have booked have required me to be fully fluent in Spanish and the fact that I am actually Latino had helped propel my career. We are living in a time when the studios and independent projects are all seeking diversity. I feel like being able to say I am a proud Cuban has helped get my foot in the door many times."

His favorite kinds of roles, he says, are dark and sinister. "Right now I am currently in a production of a new play called Baby Eyes about racism and homophobia in the 1950s," he said. "I am playing this sinister kind of siren-like creature who is controlling the world around him and causing mayhem in the lives of these characters. I control the story and bend the mortals' will to do my bidding. It sounds creepy and I love it!"

But what challenges him most are characters that are like himself. 

"It requires a sort of introspection that is scary and disturbing sometimes," he said. "I find myself judging my own actions in my life when I have to play a character that has done or said something that I have said. Then I'm like oh, maybe I shouldn't have done that. That does seem like a terrible idea."

The fact that he is a gay man involved in numerous LGBT productions is strictly coincidental.

"I don't pursue them as I kind of fall into them," he said of the gay roles he's played. "The LGBT community is starving for quality content and there's not a lot of actors that are willing to play these roles, and if they are, there's not a lot of them that can play them with some level of truth. Sometimes they come off as stereotypes or caricatures of what mainstream media sees a gay person as. If a role is offered to me and it's a chance to shed a light on our community so we can be seen as regular citizens then absolutely I will take it and give it my best shot."

As his acting career continues to flourish, Caceres shared his hopes for the future. 

"I would love to direct eventually," he said. "My long-term goal is to produce a long running network television show in the vein of ‘Gossip Girl’ or ‘Riverdale.’ Of course I would also love to star in and direct some of the episodes. As far as how far I hope to go with my acting career, I mean, every actor dreams of an Oscar. But I would just be happy to make a decent living off of acting where I can build and support a family of my own some day." 

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