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When a man threatened a crowd at Corner Pub with a grenade, a Marine veteran stepped up while waiting for police to arrive.

According to Wilton Manors police, the incident occurred Tuesday night when an agitated man walked into the bar and showed off a grenade — which turned out to be inert — and also told the crowd that he had guns in his car.

Local 10 interviewed Darryl Darling, a former Marine, who shared that he managed to talk to the man to keep him calm. In the meantime, bartender Joe Shakespeare helped people leave the building. Darling said he and the man with the grenade talked about their experiences serving in the military and police.

“As people started to clear the bar, I used certain intentions to just keep his focus on me so we would be the last ones leaving the bar,” the veteran told the TV station.

Darling was then able to convince the man to leave the bar with him; once outside, he tackled him to the ground until police arrived.

In a post on Facebook, WMPD shared that the man was “intoxicated and in need of mental health services,” and that he was upset over the recent deaths of close friends. Police determined that the grenade was inert and that he did not have any firearms with him. The bar was searched, deemed safe, and patrons were allowed to return.

On Facebook, the owners of Corner Pub thanked Darling and Shakespeare for their help.

“Remember guys see something say something this is our community and let’s keep it safe,” they wrote. “Let’s not let this stop us!”

A GoFundMe was created to honor Darling's heroic actions.


We previously misspelled Darryl Darling's first name. We regret the error.