Manors Chief of Police ‘KIDnapped

Wilton Manors Police Chief Rick Perez

Wilton Manors police chief Rick Perez has been “KID’napped’ by Kids In Distress (KID) and could use your help to help raise his ‘ransom’. According to a note the kidnappers have released to the media, KID will keep him ‘captive’ until he reaches a financial goal- and the deadline is May 31st.

“Your donation toward my ransom will help set me free and benefit thousands of children in South Florida. Kids In Distress provides so many different services to children and families - from food, clothing and shelter to prevention services, therapy, preschool, and more. For more information about the KID programs go to:,” says Rick, now in week two of this continuing hostage crisis.

You can help free the Chief, by going online or mailing a check to Kids In Distress at 819 NE 26th Street Wilton Manors, FL 33305 . Remember to put the chief’s name, Ric Perez, in the memo. All donors who give $25+ will be entered into a raffle to win 4 Lower Bowl Tickets to a 2010-11 Florida Panthers game. Others who prefer to keep the Chief hostage, with no bread or water, and subject to occasional lashings, should donate $50 or more.

“Thanks for your help!,” says the Chief! “And, be assured, no amount is too small to be appreciated.”


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