Craig Jungwirth, the man who was accused of threatening Wilton Manors with a Pulse-style attack, locked himself in a bathroom in a Broward County courthouse on Thursday to avoid being served with a lawsuit.

The lawyer who witnessed the scene unfold called it “bizarre,” saying he’d never seen anything like it.

Bob Young, the former organizer of Beach Bear Weekend is attempting to sue Jungwirth to reclaim the rights to the event. Young sold the rights to Jungwirth several years ago for $150, but Jungwirth never paid. Now Young wants it back.

There’s only one catch. Up until now Jungwirth has avoided being served the lawsuit, which is a requirement for a civil suit to proceed.

Jungwirth filed a motion to quash service. The judge denied the motion saying it was premature since he hadn’t been served yet. At that time Bob Young’s lawyer Russell Cormican asked if the judge would order Jungwirth to stay in the courtroom so they could officially serve him at that time. The judge said he didn’t know if he had the authority to do that.

“When the judge said that, Jungwirth immediately turned around and fled the courtroom, literally running out of the door,” Cormican said. “I told the process server to chase him and serve him.”

Eventually Cormican found that Jungwirth had locked himself in a family bathroom. When it became clear Jungwirth wasn’t going to come out on his own, Cormican asked for backup from the Broward Sheriff’s Office. Three armed deputies were sent to intervene in the standoff.

Before anyone could physically unlock, or break down the door Jungwirth finally attempted to leave. At that time the process server tried to serve Jungwirth who refused to verbally acknowledge him. Finally Jungwirth wiggled his way through the deputies while the process server threw the lawsuit at him telling him he had been served.

“I’ve never seen anything like it,” Cormican said. “It was bizarre.”

Cormican is confident Jungwirth has now been served.

And if he re-files the motion to quash?

“No way in hell he will win that,” Cormican said. “I'm sure that will be enough to constitute legal service of process and, unless Jungwirth files an answer to the suit within 20 days, we will file a motion for default judgment against him.”