A Flagler County man was arrested for allegedly slapping and choking his son for wearing makeup to school.

Lomack J. Bennett, 34, was arrested Feb. 7 and awaits trial on third-degree charges of strangulation and child abuse.

According to the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office arrest report, a teacher notified school resource officers that his student confided in him that his father, Bennett, “busted his lip” and asked if he should tell the police. He had bruising around his lip and also showed his teacher photos from the incident.

The abuse allegedly occurred when the boy returned home from school and his mother questioned him about him wearing makeup. She asked him to wipe it off, which he did, and then she then told her husband about the makeup.

“[Bennett] approached him and began questioning him about his sexual orientation,” according to the report. He then “slapped him for no reason and proceeded to choke him.”

“[The child] stated that the battering continued again after Lomack Sr. slapped him in the face one last time, which caused a laceration to his lip and caused blood to splatter on his eyeglasses.”

His father then told him to “clean himself up and to clean his mouth.”

The boy told police that he normally puts on makeup when he arrives at school and takes it off before he goes home to avoid a confrontation. Bennett said that “nothing physical occurred” and that his son was not old enough to make decisions about wearing makeup.

Bennett is scheduled to go before a judge on Feb. 28.


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